Keep You and Your Kids Safe This Halloween by Keeping These Tips in Mind

October 30th, 2017 by

Halloween is a holiday where many kids are out trick-or-treating. Due to the fact that most trick-or-treating takes place at nighttime, the chances of kids getting hit by a vehicle is increased significantly. Both pedestrians and motorists can reduce the chance of being in an accident with the following tips.

Motorists should drive more carefully and at a slower speed in neighborhoods where trick-or-treating takes place. They should also be aware of any young kids that may suddenly cross the roads. Headlights should also be turned on before darkness.

Parents should educate their children on crossing roads safely. Children should be taught to wait until the road is clear to cross a street. Wearing a costume that glows or having glow sticks will make kids more visible and add a spooky feel.

Have fun this Halloween while trick or treating but remember to stay safe. From all of us at O’Brien Toyota have a happy Halloween!


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