Toyota Introduces the Concept-i at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show

January 12th, 2017 by

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 4, Toyota presented a groundbreaking concept vehicle that demonstrates the company’s belief that vehicles of the future should adapt to the people that use them. That’s why the Concept-I was developed with a focus on providing an immersive, welcoming user experience.

Designed by Toyota’s CALTY Design Research Center in Newport Beach, the Concept-i features powerful artificial intelligence that learns to anticipate the driver’s needs and build a relationship that goes far beyond driving patterns and schedules.

The next-generation interface, nicknamed “Yui,” displays messages where and when it’s needed. Exterior door panels will offer a greeting, the rear end is able to display vital messages to those driving behind the vehicle, and critical information is shown on the dashboard or the head-up display. Yui will also communicate messages through sound and touch, and colored lights in the floor change colors based on the drive mode.

Toyota recognizes that the future of automated or connected vehicles lies in the experience of the people who engage with them. That’s why they’re developing a vehicle that can engage with people in return.

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