How to Reset the Maintenance Light on a Toyota Corolla

September 25th, 2019 by

2020 Toyota Corolla interior

Once you have finished your recommended maintenance tasks on your Toyota Corolla, you may notice that your maintenance light is still on. If you’re looking to turn off the Toyota maintenance light, the Toyota Corolla makes it easy to accomplish. Follow the easy steps provided by O'Brien Toyota, or visit our Indianapolis service center for additional assistance.

Turn Off Maintenance Light – Toyota Corolla

It’s essential that you’re staying up-to-date with your routine maintenance, but if you are handling the tire rotations and oil changes at home, you will have to reset the maintenance light after you have serviced the vehicle.

  1. Insert the keys in the Corolla. Turn the key to the “ON” position, but don’t start the car.
  2. Press and hold the trip reset button near the odometer until “Trip A” appears on the central screen.
  3. Turn the key back to “OFF.”
  4. While pressing the button to reset the trip, turn the key back to the “ON” position.
  5. Keep holding the trip reset button until the miles section of the odometer flashes zero. At this point, the maintenance light will turn off.

If this does not work, you can try and repeat the steps above. Or, if you would prefer, you can bring your vehicle to O'Brien Toyota where our Toyota-trained technicians can take care of the maintenance light. If that still doesn’t work, we will diagnose the program, fix it, and get you back on the Carmel roads in a timely manner.

Reset Maintenance Light With Color Display

If your Corolla has a color multi-information display, there may be a different setup. You can follow the steps below to turn the maintenance light off:

  1. Turn the key to on, but don’t start the engine. It may be marked as “II” on the ignition.
  2. If your Corolla has a push-button ignition, press the start button twice while keeping your foot off the brake.
  3. Select the cog icon on the multi-information display.
  4. Select “Scheduled Maintenance” on the display.
  5. The screen will ask you to confirm your selection. Select “OK.”

Rely on O'Brien Toyota for Your Next Service Appointment

That’s how to reset the maintenance light on a Toyota Corolla! Give us a call with any questions or problems. Our team is ready to help in any way that we can. Check out our service specials so you can save on your next visit. Give us a call today with any questions!

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